Rock-solid mounting for European mounts with TKMOUNTS skull hangers

Skull hangers by TKMOUNTS are hardcore hardware with unmatched features. TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp articulates into unlimited display positions and gives you the most secure method of mounting your skull using a clamp. Hang your skull on a wall, beam, post, column, or in the corner of the room and adjust it to the perfect display angle  by hand. Specially designed for mid-sized skulls (deer, bear, antelope, and many others), it comes fully assembled and is very easy to install. For your large skulls, such as elk, moose, steer, and bison,you need TKMOUNTS Slider - A simple, yet solid skull hanger that slides into the spinal opening of the skull.  Check out the reviews on our product pages or watch a video.

European mount ideas are easy to do with TKMOUNTS products

Creative skull displays, corner mounts, above door/window mounts all become possible with the TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp. Your skull can be positioned at any angle and repositioned simply by hand, without tools. You can even recreate that locked-set you found!

No other skull hanger protects against accidents like this one. Clamp it instead of setting it on a pin or post. Rock-solid mounting with TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp.