European Skull Mount Service in the Midwest

A DIY European Skull Mount can bring a sense of pride and ownership, but it is time consuming and often the results are not what you hoped. We have perfected a method that cleans, degreases, and whitens with quick turnaround and bright-white results with no damage to skull or nasal cavities. If you are in the mid-west, specifically Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, call to find out about shipping to us - it really can be quite easy and reasonable with Spee-Dee Delivery Service (! Bright-white skull mounts without the wait - at a "can't beat-it" price! 


Small Game (coyote, badger, raccoon, fox, mink, beaver, bobcat, etc.)….              $45

Mid-Size Game (deer, wolf, mountain lion, antelope, turtle shell, etc.)….           $80

Black Bear….                                                                                                  $90

Grizzly, Brown Bear, Boar….                                                                            $100

Sheep….                                                                                                        $110

Elk, Stag, Caribou….                                                                                       $160

Moose, Bison….                                                                                              $260


Camo Dips (Small and Mid-Size Game)….                                                        $85

Display Plaque (Small and Mid-Size Game….                                                   $50

Antler Mounts….                                                                                           $80


Mid-Size Game and TKMOUNTS Clamp….                                                      $110


Reach out today to schedule your appointment or with additional questions! Hours vary so be sure to give us a call before you come by our shop.