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European mount bracket with pivoting joints and secure clamp

European skull mount hangers usually follow the same basic concept - a hook, prong, and maybe a swing side-to-side, but the patented TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp is different with unmatched versatility, security, and ease-of-use.


The only European skull mount bracket with three pivoting, clutching joints is the patented TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp.

  • Once installed, set the tension in each joint by simply loosening or tightening a hex nut.
  • Joints can then be pivoted to allow the skull to move to any position.
  • The skull mount will then remain in the selected position.
  • No tools are needed for further angle/tilt adjustments.  


The only European skull mount bracket having a secure clamp with thumb-screw is the patented TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp.

  • The skull mount is held through the spinal opening and clamped securely.
  • The clamp is specially engineered to hold tightly. A ridged-surface contacts bone inside the skull and a capped screw meets the bone on the outside.
  • The easy-to-use thumb screw allows you to change the skull year-to-year or switch your skull mounts around to change your display. Just open the clamp take off the skull, put on a different one. 


Comes fully assembled and has complete instructions with diagrams. You will need to complete just 3 quick steps.

  1. Attach the back plate to the wall with the two provided screws.
  2. Secure your skull  in the clamp.
  3. Adjust the tension on the three nuts to desired tension. 

TKMOUNTS gives you the opportunity to display your hunting trophies in the way that shows them off best. Showcase and protect your hunting memories with TKMOUNTS products.