The "King" of skull mounts

With the love of outdoors, family, and honest work, Todd and Laurie King created TKMOUNTS to fill the needs of those in their Southwest, Wisconsin community. Their daughter, Remington (22), and son, Easton (17), share a passion for outdoors and love of family.

Remington was introduced to the hunting stand at a young age and hunts on their land regularly. 

Easton shares the same passion, but has had a unique hunting experience. Shortly after birth, Easton was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease. Due to this condition, Easton is unable to use a weapon in a traditional manner. Thanks to help from various hunting accessibility technologies, independent research, and the diligent support from Todd and Laurie, Easton has had several successful hunts with his dad and Uncle Pete with no plans of stopping.

Todd, a painting contractor, began cleaning and perfecting European skull mounts in the early 2000’s for family and friends - all of whom are avid hunters. This quickly scaled into a full-time business known as TK European Mounts. As of 2023, Todd cleans over 1,300 skulls per year and has customers bringing in skulls from all 50 states. His wife, Laurie, works alongside him, but avoids the "dirty work", choosing to greet customers, take phone calls, manage supplies, sale orders, and inventory.

Their customers always used to ask...

What is the best way to hang a European skull mount? Todd had it in the back of his mind that there should be a secure, versatile, easy method to hang a skull mount. A skull mount bracket that would allow the hunter to showcase the skull in any position, in any room, just how they wanted it. Dissatisfied with other skull mount hangers, he and Laurie set out to make one. TKMOUNTS Skull Mount Clamp was soon launched and now Todd and Laurie have confidently answered this question.

Quality, service, and honest value are what have built Todd and Laurie's skull cleaning from garage hobby to a successful business. You can be assured they are continuing with this mindset as they provide you with products to help make your hunting mount collection a unique, interesting, versatile display. Honor your hunt!